General Conditions

General Conditions in consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic

de Christmas Garden Deutschland GmbH para los eventos de Christmas Garden en España.


1.1 These General Conditions (hereinafter "CG") apply to Christmas Garden events in Spain marketed by our ticketing partner, ("events"). The organizer is Christmas Garden Deutschland GmbH, Potsdamer Str. 58, 10785 Berlin, Germany, Managing Directors: Christian Diekmann and Sebastian Stein; court of record: Charlottenburg Local Juzgado (Ber-lin), HRB: 127606 ("Christmas Garden Deutschland"). These GCs are part of the contract held between usted (hereinafter "usted" or "customer") and Christmas Garden Deutschland in relation to the purchase of tickets (hereinafter "tickets"). Otras especificaciones de este contrato se basan en las siguientes disposiciones. Tickets are sold in number and by account of Christmas Garden Deutschland.

1.2 In the place of the event, in addition to these CG, the general conditions (including the rules of the recinto) of the owner of the place of the event are applied.


2.1 The price of entry is made up of the base price of the ticket, and the management costs including VAT. El precio de las entradas debe pagarse al concluir el contrato. El precio final de las entradas se mostrará durante el proceso de compra.

2.2 El contrato sobre su asistencia al evento es un contrato para un evento recreativo sin derecho de desistimiento legal para el cliente. Therefore, usted cannot legally withdraw its declaration of intent in relation to the order of tickets for a recreational event.


3.1 Tickets can only be sold, and the price of these will be refunded, only if the event is cancelled and/or rescheduled. Si el evento se cancela y se programa una fecha alternativa, podrá devolver su entrada a través del canal con el que fueron compradas. Si el evento se pospone, su entrada seguirá siendo válida para la fecha reprogramada. Si no puede asistir al evento en la fecha reprogramada, puede devolver la entrada a través del canal donde la compró. Travel expenses will not be refunded if an event is rescheduled or canceled.

3.2 The management expenses paid will not be refunded.

3.3 In each of the above cases, the price of the ticket will only be refunded if the original ticket is deved; the return expenses will run into your cargo. It is not possible to refund in case of loss of the ticket.

3.4 When buying a ticket, you acknowledge that we must apply the necessary legal requirements and dispositions to enter the event. Si usted no cumple o no puede cumplir con dichos requisitos y disposiciones en cualquier momento, podemos, tras un requerimiento sin éxito, hacer valer nuestro derecho a negarle el acceso o pedirle que abandone el evento.

The organizer states that, even in case of complete application of the concepts of adequate protection and hygiene and compliance with all the necessary hygienic measures, it cannot fully exclude the contagion of visitors with coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) or other diseases.


4.1. The Christmas Garden events in Spain can only be attended during the specified times. You can select and reserve the available times when buying the ticket. La entrada sólo está permitida durante el periodo de tiempo especificado de 30 minutos. Entry is not allowed before or after the reserved time slot.

4.2 The stay in the recinto may not exceed 2 hours. Visitors must leave the shelter after 2 hours. We must avoid the crowds at the entrances, exits, in all the recinto and during the arrival and exit. Distance and hygiene rules must be respected in all areas of the event.

4.3 Admission for children up to 36 months is free. (Note: Only up to 3 years in Colonia, Germany).

4.4 No animals are allowed in the recinto of the event (except in the Allwetterzoo of Münster, Germany). There are only exceptions with the assistance dogs adiestrados.

4.5 Entry will be denied to visitors with symptoms of resfriado or flu. For more information on the common symptoms of Covid-19, see: .

4.6 We recommend that all our visitors wear an FFP2 mask. Dependiendo de los requisitos locales, esto puede ser incluso obligatorio. Las disposiciones relativas a los requisitos de mascarilla en las instalaciones se ajustarán a los requisitos actuales en otoño de 2021.

4.7 The tips for coughing and stunning should be followed throughout the event and in the entrances and exits.

4.8 The distance rules (1.50 meters of people who are not members of their family or their home) must be respected throughout the confinement of the event, at the entrances and exits and during the arrival and departure.

4.9 The instructions of the staff, the signals and the announcements by public address must be followed.

4.10 In the event of the foregoing provisions being violated, Christmas Garden Deutschland reserves the right to deny access to clients or other infringing persons or to expel them from the event.


5.1 Christmas Garden Deutschland takes unlimited responsibility for any damage to life, physical integrity or health. The same applies to any case of mandatory legal responsibility, especially under the German Law on Product Responsibility [Produkthaftungsgesetz, ProdHaftG], and in case of warranty.

5.2 In the event of merely negligent violations of the non-compliant contractual obligations under section 6.1, Christmas Garden Deutschland shall only be liable for the foreseeable damages typical of the contract. The essential contractual obligations of Christmas Garden Deutschland include obligations of whose compliance depends on the correct execution of the contract and in which compliance you can regularly trust.

5.3 Otherwise, Christmas Garden Deutschland will only be responsible for grossly negligent or intentional contractual breaches.

5.4 In the measure in which the responsibility of Christmas Garden Deutschland is excluded or limited by the foregoing provisions, the same applies to the responsibility of the legal and auxiliary executive representatives of Christmas Garden Deutschland.

5.5. Usted and his companions are aware that, despite all preventive measures, the risk of infection by Covid-19 remains and cannot be excluded completely. By buying a ticket and attending the event, usted and his companions expressly accept this risk as part of the general risk to their lives.


In the event that image and/or sound recordings are made during the event, such as radio or television recordings, by authorized persons, and that you are identifiably registered in the images and/or sound recordings, you have your consent for reproduction, dissemination and public exhibition, especially through issuance, of these recordings without the right to remuneration.


7.1 If the customer is not a consumer, German legislation shall apply under the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on International Merchant Purchase Contracts.

7.2 If the client is a merchant, a public law legal entity or a special asset of public law, the place of compliance and jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany.

7.3. If you are a consumer and buy your ticket online, you should bear in mind that the European Commission offers an online dispute resolution platform at:

The e-mail address of Christmas Garden Deutschland GmbH is:


En caso de que alguna de las disposiciones del contrato sea total o partiallye inválida o ineficaz, ello no afectará a la eficacia del resto de las disposiciones. Instead of the general conditions not included or ineffective, the corresponding legal provision will apply (Article 306(2) of the German Civil Code [Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB]). Therefore, the parties must substitute the invalid or ineffective provision by an effective provision that is as close as possible to the invalid or ineffective provision from an economic point of view, if an additional interpretation of the contract is not possible.

As of July 2021 Christmas Garden Deutschland GmbH