The facilities

The new facilities of L'Univers de la Llum

A totally new concept

Visitors to Els llums de Sant Pau will find a concept that is totally new compared to the previous year's edition. Recinte Moderniste de Sant Pau will be transformed into a whole new Universe with more than 20 luminous artistic installations and a new sensory experience.

The concept of this second edition of The Els llums de Sant Pau will be L'Univers de la Llum, a journey through the mysteries of space: galaxies, stars and planets. Attendees will be able to enjoy an immersive Christmas experience with projections on facades, stars, luminous planets, interactive installations, music and other evolving sound effects.

An immersive planetarium

One of the most special spaces on the route of Els llums de Sant Pau will be L'Univers de la Llum, the installation that gives its name to this year's new experience. Visitors will have the opportunity to delve into a planetarium.

Through a mysterious entrance, attendees will walk between different planets and experience in first person the feeling of being walking in space.

This planetarium will also have a soundtrack that will transport the audience beyond the Milky Way and feel like an astronaut.

Plants of Venus

Have you ever imagined what color plants are on the planet of Venus? Here you can invent them!

Plantes de Venus is a spectacular installation full of lights and colors where young and old can play creating their own universe. It is an orginal installation created by Singaporean studio DP Architects called Rhizome House and courtesy of Light Art Collection.

More than 20 installations

The new proposal of Els Llums de Sant Pau extends the route compared to last year. In L'Univers de la Llum you will find more square meters, new spaces enabled in the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau. An expanded offer with this new concept.

Let yourself be enchanted by more than 20 individual luminous installations, nestled in the various areas of Domènech i Muntaner's magnum opus.

Let yourself be captivated by the Christmas lights of Barcelona.

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