The facilities

The new facilities of Els llums de Sant Pau

The magic of Christmas is back

This year the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, a jewel of modernist architecture a UNESCO World Heritage Site, became the majestic home to more than 20 impressive and exciting lighting installations where the Christmas atmosphere could be perceived in every corner. 

"Welcome to Christmas" was the installation that opened the route that guided visitors to the main square, passing through the spectacular videomapping of "Temps de crere en el Nadal" that narrated the history of time and faith in Christmas, to the "Ice Rink", one of the great novelties of Els llums de Sant Pau this edition, an ice rink housed between the modernist walls of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.

More than 20 installations

In this edition all aspects of Christmas were present in one way or another. From love and generosity in "A Christmas full of love", to the illusion of gifts in "Christmas gifts". A tribute to Catalan traditions, such as "El Tió", and evoked the essence of Christmas in "The Cloud of Wishes", where wishes became shining stars.

Each installation was designed to surprise visitors without neglecting the Christmas spirit at all times. The 20 installations of this edition received attendees with all kinds of lighting proposals, from dynamic lights such as "Christmas motifs" to the warm lights of "Christmas sparks" that gave a touch of magic and Christmas  comfort.